Resources for Single Parents

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After a divorce, it’s common to feel a little out of sorts. It can be a new beginning, but reigniting your social life or creating a new social circle can be a little stressful.  

There are many great resources out there for single parents that can help you and your kids get your social lives back on track after a divorce or separation. Here’s an overview of a few: 

Parents Without Partners

The goal of the Single Parents Alliance of America is to empower single parents and their families by connecting them with other single-parent families. You can join local groups, participate in events, and access resources about financial planning, parenting, and more.


SingleParent411 is an online resource of the Single Parent Alliance & Resource Center that’s devoted to addressing the unique needs of single parents. It provides a source of inspiration, encouragement, and support. Local chapters host events, and there are programs for adults and families.  

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